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Friday, 15 July 2011


Well hello, I'm not in a very good mood right now and decided to blog. These days are so tiring and I can't find much entertainment both at school and home. Senior high school, in my opinion is really different from junior high school. In JHS, there's more fun than work while in SHS, I got to work more than to have fun. If I'm allowed to rate, SHS gets 3 points out of ten while JHS gets 9.
Now I really regret why I didn't enjoy myself more in the past and also why I didn't behave well enough with the teachers. I used to feel that some of my school teachers are very annoying, irritating, etc etc but now i realised that most of them are actually very kind at heart (p.s. the others are annoying indeed!) (p.s. again. Those two teachers whom I have good impression on now are actually the teachers who had moved my seat to the first row as a punishment for being talkative when I'm in JHS)
Talking about my school life now, I am actually quite impressed by my chemistry teacher, Mrs. Dahniar. Yes, her hair-do is a little bit exaggerated but what's good is that she cares about her appearance so much that she uses perfume everyday and I must say that I ADORE the smell of her perfume :) Her way of teaching chemistry is succesful in making me not to hate that subject so much anymore :)

Anyway, during the holiday I had decided to make myself to be able to enter the plus class but now I have changed it. I just can't find any significant difference between my current class and the plus one. I only hope that I can continue my way of living right now, not score oriented, almost carefree and need not to deal with math, physics and chemistry too much. Those subject are never my favourite.


cheryl evans said...

Cindy have you no holidays from school ????

Cindy Suryautama said...

yes Cheryl of course I have had my holiday and unfortunately it's passed. Now we are going back to school with all the usual activities