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Friday, 11 November 2011


 Happy 11/11/11 people! You know, yesterday, I wished for a special thing to happen today. I don't know why, I'm usually not this 'romantic' but somehow I'm so imaginative at the moment. Unfortunately, people may wish but God is the one to decide, there's nothing special today, or at least until now :p Everything is just so flat and okay, I'm quite excited today but that's not special....
Alright, 11/11/11 hasn't ended yet and there are still few hours to go *self encourage*
Anyway, I'm so galau these days, don't ask me why, haha.

Enough of those galau galau things, now let's move on to my exam results. My form teacher allowed us to take a look on our score this morning and I found out that my math and physics score is just fifty something, which actually pissed me off, but somehow my average score is not too bad, I'm so blessed.

That's all for now, actually I don't have a lot of thing to say, I just feel need to express something. Bye!

Lesson of the week: fake is never good, especially when it involves personality.
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