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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Discrimination of People

    It was this morning when I thought about the difference between individual. It's said that people are distinguished not by their social status but by the karma they possess and I'm not satisfied enough by the saying as it is too spiritual.
Then, I came to a conclusion that every individual has their very own standard of discriminating the others and it is not to be judged by anyone else. Furthermore, perhaps there are many kinds of standards applied which make it automatically inconsistent.

As for me, if I'm asked to determine the standard, I think I will have it this way:

1. The one I dear, I honour, disrespect and don't care of.
Well, this kind of classifying is truly based on my own sentiment and somehow far from objective.
In everyday's life, emotion is often my biggest control and my head is nothing compared to my heart.
2. The one who has a conscience and who doesn't
All the happening that I witnessed show me that conscience is such an essential element that I have to pay attention to it
3. The studious and the loafer
As I put myself in the 'loafer' type, I admire a studious person very much. They just know what they aim for and most importantly, how to achieve it. Their life is full of purpose, hahah!
4. The one who love to brag and the modest one
Here, I am everything in between. Sometimes, I could be very happy of small things that are meaningful to me but not to anyone else. I always want to tell everybody about what happened to me and I may end up talking too much.
Generally, I can tolerate a person who brags about their achievement as long as they have the capability to and not being excessive. Even so, it is better to be modest at all time.

Lastly, I would like to add that despite making all those classification above, fact is, I had never really applied it in the real life. I consider it as useless and is a waste of time, but my opinion might change later as I grow up.
And in today's society there are some way of discrimination that I find very harassing such as race and sexual orientation discrimination. People should know that the majority is not the authority. I could spend forever defending human's right and equality.

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"The heart has its reasons which reason knows not" - Blaise Pascal 

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