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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

He is so fetch, she is too

It has been zillion years since I last updated my blog. Not that I have nothing to say, I have TONS. But lately it just seems really hard to put them into words, also my mood tends to change in the middle of writing which messes everything up.. And now I will try to write.
First, here is an excerpt from a post I intended to write in January, but failed to finish.

"Greetings. I should say that 2012 has treated my real well, almost everything is fine especially in the year end. I got to spent my Christmas holiday in Europe with my family and the trip is nice, I am amazed by the architecture and the people's lifestyle there.. The one particular country that has my very attention is Holland. One of my favourite photographer, Nicoline Patricia Malina used to study there and it induced a feeling that Holland is really cool and hype, just because Nic is.... cool and hype :p
But seriously, it is a GREAT country and I really really wish to live there, fingers crossed."
That's all.
Let's go back to now. I'm having a holiday which is to end soon, tomorrow, in fact. Overall it's quite enjoyable, I ate a lot, I read and I browse.. Before the holiday started I actually planned to finish my math homework and computer project, but as you guess, I have done none until this very moment.
Anyway, I find myself obsessed with Haruki Murakami novels lately. I can't help but bringing it up in this post. I first know about him when I assumed myself having nothing to do, in the exam week last year, and started to browse quote related to sea, ocean, beach and shore (vague am I?). Then I ran to his novel Kafka on The Shore. Tell you, the words in the novel are so poetic that you can pick up random sentence and make it a quote. It happens in Murakami's other novels as well.
In short, I like Kafka so much and decided to buy After Dark, the same circle and I decided to buy Sputnik Sweetheart and Norwegian Wood as well. Looking forward to read more! :D

And oh! There is also Lana Del Rey. Recently my friend lent me a flash disk full of the latest music albums, and I came across Born To Die. I have read some reviews in magazines stating that the album is rad, a must listen. So I listen to Born To Die. It is so-not-impressive and I could say I was pissed off.
But then I listen to Radio and like in a fairytale, EVERYTHING CHANGED.
Without You has a very catchy melodies, Video Games is melancholic, National Anthem is swag, Dark Paradise is enjoyable, Ride is very good to listen and Lana Del Rey is cool. Or should I say, Lana Del Rey becomes cool.

Well, I guess I have written much about the stuffs I find cool it starts to get boring. And also, I'm behind the times, Murakami was a big hit years ago and Lana Del Rey songs topped the chart months ago.

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