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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

what what what what what what

I don't know I was that melancholy back then.
Anyway, The Smashing Pumpkins is SOOO COOL!! I fall in love with my their songs especially Mayonaise, Luna, The Celestials and Stand Inside Your Love, make me want to learn to play guitar and get in a band.
And school is so hectic these days. Apparently giving homework is the teachers' hobby, and in addition to that, I should decide what to study in the uni soon.
Which means that I should prepare for tests like ielts, hsk and else. This year may be tougher than those previous years, but let's just get along with it.
And I'm in dilemma between studying about medicine or interior design, I will update my decision on this blog as soon as I have one.

Also, I recently learned that people are not as good as I thought they were, this world is not as innocent as I thought it was. Little kindness fascinates me lately.

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