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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

18 #AHA

It is hard to believe that i'm already 18 now. Time sure goes fast. I am so very pleased with how it has treated and developed me. And as i consider myself a young adult, i have decided to be a better person from now on. In many many aspects.
And tomorrow is the first day of the final exam. For starter, i'm gonna take this one seriously. No more procrastination, hopefully. Wish me luck!
Also i took a glance at my blog posts just now, and feel like i should say that those post labelled as fragments, are really an exaggeration of emotion. For one moment of time, i really consider to be a writer and supposedly, i could look at the fragments whenever i need inspiration. However right now, i can safely say that if i am to be a writer, the only kind of book i would write is autobiography. Yes, just like Just Kids.

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