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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beyond - 喜欢你

So, one week ago i came across this song while browsing youtube. My holiday so far has been enjoyable although i am not very productive. I filled most of my time reading books and hanging out with friends, and for the next weeks i targeted to do some sports or exercise at home.
Well let's talk about the song now. I don't know how long had it been since the last time I came across a 'perfect' song. Perfect in a sense that the melody fetching, the vocal charming and the lyrics well-formed or even better, it gives me a 'wow someone actually feels like this too, this person must be a good man' feeling.
Before, it was Gong Tong Du Guo by Leslie Cheung. Now, it is Xi Huan Ni by Beyond, one of the most celebrated band in Hong Kong.

This song is so very beautiful and honestly, i am at loss of words to describe it. Just listen.
This is sang by Beyond lead vocalist, Wong Ka Kui, in a concert.

And this version sang by G.E.M is very nice as well.

What captivates me the most is the lyrics. And i love it more as i learned that it is Beyond themselves who wrote it. Somehow, there is a little disappointment in me every time i find a lyrics touching just to later know that it is not written by the singer himself.
Here, you can find the lyrics as well as the meaning. Exquisite.

喜欢你 那双眼动人 笑声更迷人  
愿再可 轻抚你 那可爱面容 
挽手说梦话 象昨天 你共我 

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