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Friday, 11 July 2014

My Thoughts On Stuffs

On My Lack Of Update
Well, I think there are few number of  my posts that don't begin with mentioning my lack of update. However it is a different story this time. I have a lot of spare time during this three month holiday that I am having, so my reasons are not schedule related. What is going on is that for a period of time, I was considering the necessity of blogging itself. When I first wrote this blog, it was for school assignment and soon, it grew to be my space to post things which are too long for twitter or facebook. And the important point is that I did have target audiences back then, which do not have my particular attention anymore today. Bad as it may sound, it is not a sad story at all. What I mean is that my liking and priorities are no longer the same. Back then, I wanted to write about fashion and badminton, so I browsed about the people in the industry and when I found someone interesting, I wrote about them. I even managed to do some interview. And it doesn't mean that at this moment I am not interested in fashion and badminton, instead, I can say that there is no point in my life I like badminton more than right now. As to say about fashion, I am always interested but I guess I just have gone past the fangirling stage, haha. So basically there was no exciting motivation for me to write a post.. until a few days ago that it came to my mind that my blog might, in its most honorable capacity, serves as an inspiration for anyone out there or modestly serves as time killer. Along with this, I would also like to make this blog a space for me to pour my thoughts on stuffs, random stuffs, whatever comes to my mind. I don't even know what is the point in this, it just feels enlivening to do so. And here we go! :D
Hopefully there will be My Thoughts On Stuffs 1, My Thoughts On Stuffs 2, My Thoughts On Stuffs 3 and so on.

On Tea And Coffee
Ugh I just want to say that somehow, I do not like coffee that much. It is rare for me to order coffee in cafes and restaurants and when I do, I always have coffee mocha frappuccino, thai iced coffee, etc. All the fancy ones. There is something about coffee that certainly makes me feel 'heavy' and serious. I don't know if I described the feeling accurate enough, but that's about it. On the other notes, I have no problem, and even enjoy drinking canned and instant coffee like nescafe and its friends. They are so different from those coffees they make with coffee machine.
Tea, along with soda (coca cola in particular), orange juice, milo and chocolate shake is among my list of favorite drinks. When I say tea, it includes lemon tea but the kind I am talking about right now is green tea. Back then when I went to japanese restaurant, I usually had cold green tea as I used to prefer any drink cold. But now, I don't know since when, I have it hot and I have to say that it combines with the sushi better. I have developed a new holiday habit, in a peaceful evening, I go and brew a cup of green tea, drink it while reading a book. On the other evenings, I make instant noodle, have a nap, go out, play badminton with my brother and else. Life's good!

.... and it's getting late, so bye for now.

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