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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On The Universe

Some nights, you start thinking.
That there is something actually far more important than what we do on daily basis. All the little things we don't have time for, all that we fail to appreciate and use to to ignore.
Blossoming flowers, moon rises, ocean waves, grass growing on a crack in the road, smell of a book, and the stars.
What is to explore down there? Is there any limits up there?
In a word, they are the universe.
The universe is vast beyond words, making the effort to visualize its size a vain attempt. It is so big that we wonder what are we doing here, are we lost or simply exist, are we even meant to persist?
I want to believe that we are here for a reason, or reasons.
We are a part of this whole big thing, we live in this pale blue dot forming the world as we know it.
As the earth floats among others, we are the riders.
Together, all of us.

So the next time before you walk out of the door, before you fall asleep, or when you are commuting, or listening to the music and dragging yourself into everyday's hustle, consider this.
We are the children of the universe.

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