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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


(i have a feeling this post would be a bit random)

It's summer holiday, 3 months of freedom. There's a lot a person can do, and I have decided to not waste this chance. Next summer I'll most likely be on internship, which means that this may be the last free summer of my university life.

On the practical side, my summer is quite sorted. Around this time I'm busy with camp and CCAs stuffs, next I'll go back to my home town, and go for exchange until the school starts on August. So far there's only one goal, getting back in shape. Final exam always takes its tolls. You studied, you sat for hours, you got kinda lost sometimes, and food's the only fuel. All those staying up until midnight weren't complete if not accompanied by buying McD before it closes at 12 a.m. The result? You gain weight. Surely, certainly, undeniably. And to be honest, the 'fat' feeling kinda bugs me. I've put some effort into this, but considering that I'm on holiday it's REALLY HARD to resist food. And to compensate, I run and exercise a bit. Really hope that I can be more consistent.

Anyway, I read Buzzfeed a lot these days. To me, it serves the same function as other sites like twitter, 9gag, askfm, etc. It feels so nice knowing that people are all connected. So... actually what I want to say is: Buzzfeed posts make me think about the future. When I see those posts like 'simple dinner recipe you'd totally want to bookmark', 'cute home decoration you don't know you need', 'couples who have killer pre-wedding photo shoot', etc, I picture the kind of life I want to have.

Maybe, just maybe, all I want is a comfortable, medium paced life. A life that's not perfect, for sure, but the daily hassles actually add some spices. Going to a friend's place because your wifi is super slow, ending up ordering a whole box of pizza because your attempt to cook steak for the whole family fails miserably, having to bear with your neighbor's lousy voice but once in a while he sings your favorite songs which makes your whole day... and many more.

And I will read my kids stories every night (Aladdin, The Little Prince, Jack and The Beanstalk) have fun activities every weekend (wall painting, playing with clay, gardening), bring them to fun places (pet shop, sea world, lantern festivals), watch cartoon together (some of my favorites are Up, Brave, Big Hero 6, Wreck It Ralph)... and many more.

My house will be full of Muji and Ikea stuffs, with a little bit of ceramics here and there. The wall mostly painted white so that we can decorate it anyway we like. Photo frames, book shelves, paintings, hand made arts, etc. A little balcony would be nice too.

Really, I'm not sure why I write all these. Sometimes it just feels so nice to see life in this manner. To be honest, I am a very simple person. Not that I had always been this way, but long gone are the days when I would follow fussy ways. Right now, the priorities are to do what matters, care about who matters, and lead an enjoyable life that somehow also benefits others.

Maybe turning 20 contributes my thinking of this as well? There is a sense of excitement and possibilities, but also responsibilities. There will be a lot of fun, but also pressures. Hanging out is important, but so is work. Settling down feels nice, but still you need to make sure it is indeed love.

And so we struggle, we invest, we rest, we endure, we hope, we pray. In tomorrow we have faith.

(p.s. happy holiday!! x-men apocalypse premiere is on 19th may, can't wait for it. hope it's better than batman vs superman and civil wars. those two are great movies btw, i just have a high expectation for x-men)

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