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Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Long Due Post

Man, it has been nearly a year since my last post. Another summer is here now. Honestly, I wonder how I had abandoned this blog for so long. I have recently written many stuffs related to the internship that I'm doing right now, but my own blog is like this lol.

So yeah, unlike last summer where I spent my time going to gym and went for an exchange to Taiwan, this one is gonna be all work (except I took 3 days leave and had just come back from my hometown yesterday). And writing this actually reminds me that I have yet to write about my exchange, but let's just save it for another time. This post will just recap what have happened during the last year.

After coming back from Taiwan, I started the first semester of my third year in the university. I can't remember what exactly motivated me, but for the first time in forever, I really went on diet and managed to lose some weight. It feels good. I'm not sure if this is counted as vague, but feeling fit actually makes me feel better. And another thing that I like about that period is that I was being more serious than ever in my studies (not that I am THAT serious though). What I mean is that I decided to become more effective and choose a more suitable place to study, which resulted in an all time high gpa *yeay*

But that was two semester ago. What happened last semester was a complete opposite (ok not really), and I was kinda overwhelmed with academic related stuffs. I learn one thing: don't take too many courses that are project based. All the deadlines came at the same time, and I had to look for internship as well. It was quite stressful that whenever I had free time, it was a dilemma whether to work on projects or look and apply for internship. Thankfully, everything turned out alright in the end. The scores are average (read: higher than what I expected) and I managed to find an internship a few days after my last exam ended. Despite these, I won't say last semester was bad. Because it really wasn't. Some of my friends actually come visit Singapore for something related to their school project, and it was nice showing them around and have a good catch-up. A Korean friend I met during exchange came here too. And also, the courses I took are actually really fun and interesting, especially that one electives where I got to make pottery. Well what I made was not exceptional at all, but I'm just so glad I made something useful and can take home hahaha.

Apart from the school stuffs, I tried something new like sketching and taking pictures with film camera. I don't know why but I have always enjoyed trying out stuffs like these, creating something that is visible, etc. I hope that I can continue in the future, perhaps try to create some digital illustration or bring my sketchbook content to another level. But nowadays, since I am on internship, usually all I want to do after reaching my room is just lay down and play with my phone lol. Occasionally I do something else, also tried to read. Very rare, though. On a side note, I am grateful that I have internship is alright so far, with a kind easy-going boss and nice colleagues. I am also trying to be a good intern hahaha (one and a half month to go!)

So I guess that's all I want to say? Every day routine and activities leave little time for me to have deep meaningless (?) melancholic thought, but surely I have some hopes that I want to make real. Wish me luck, and here are some photos taken with the disposable film camera I bought in Taiwan but have just been developed not so long ago:

Till next time!

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