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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Xie Xingfang

Hi again! It has been quite a time since my last post and I'm thinking of writing about my summer holiday. But this one (as the title implies) is not gonna focus much on it. Well, I need a bit of introduction to start off. If your read my blog all the way from the very early posts, or know me IRL when I was in junior high school, then you would have know that I am a huge fan of badminton. And of all badminton players active or retired, my favorite is Xie Xingfang, forever and always.

It has been almost eight years since her retirement, and I hadn't been very updated about what's going on with her life. There ain't much news, and all I knew was that she marries Lin Dan (who is also a badminton player) and has a child. Then one day, I googled her name out of pure curiosity. Turns out she has a Weibo account that she updates quite often. Now let's skip the part where I attempted to read and understand what she posted (it's all in Chinese and my Chinese is not up to par) and get to the part where I decided to make something.

I think I had just bought a new laptop at that time. The old one is getting even-a-right-click-takes-loading-time slow and to convince myself into buying a new one, I promise to make it useful. So then I thought, hey why not make something Xie Xingfang related, and here it is... her name in graphic.


It feels so good to start from scratch and make something actually meaningful. Also, I have no design background and it takes me 2 bloody days to finish this (mostly spent on thinking how I should 'transform' the Chinese characters into lines and circles, arrange it, and make the sizes balanced). To be honest, I'm quite proud of the result haha. Believe me, right after I was done with this one, I was very motivated to make other stuffs. But then, life happens and I was caught in I don't know what... let's hope I can find the motivation to make the next one.

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