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Friday, 5 January 2018

New Year Post

There are two options to start this post and I just can't make up my mind. So I guess I'll just type them both...

Version 1: Happy new year! It is 2018 already and I will soon be twenty-two. Sounds like a legit age. When I was in junior high I thought this would be when I got life all figured out and be a proper adult. I couldn't be more wrong lol. As I realised, the older you get, the more you question things (what's happening around you + yourself). But it isn't exactly a bad thing tho?

Version 2 (which is so typical of me): Hey guys, it is 2018 and I just noticed that I hadn't updated my blog since last August. Sometime last year I promised myself to be more active but apparently the commitment only lasted for 3 posts. But ok this time I won't bother to update regularly no more, just gonna grab the laptop and type immediately when an idea comes to mind.

--- end of intro ---

So, anyway, in the past I used to do some kind of 'round-up post' where I reviewed every month of the past year. It is nice to read and I enjoyed reminiscing what has happened. But this time, it is more difficult to do so as there are some events which timeline I'm not really sure of. I don't want the recount to be inaccurate, so let's just write it in paragraphs this time.

Hmmm January. I was in Japan with my family for winter holiday last year. Quite memorable as it was the first time we organised a trip to a country quite far away and with foreign language by ourselves. I also remember that my dad, my brother, and I spent the new year midnight just chilling in a McDonald's near our hotel. There was also a surprise firework show. Totally didn't expect that as we were staying in a suburb.

Around February and March was supposed to be when I was starting to be concerned about finding a summer internship. I feel that it's important to get some work experience. Having spent 2016 summer for an exchange to Taiwan, the summer between year 3 and 4 will be the ideal time. I went to a number of interview during this period. First one was with a huge company and to be honest what I understood from the job description was different from what it really was. So yeah, messed that up. Second one was with a start-up and I actually felt that the interview was alright? Didn't get the offer in the end and I'm just assuming there is another candidate who is a better fit lol. And then the third one was quite bizarre because the interviewer seemed a bit disorientated(?) and we met in a cafe to chat(?) and I was just as confused in the end(?) The finally the fourth one went well. The job sounds fun, related to my past experience, and the interviewer seemed like a good person who is nice to work with. But guess what! Turned out there was a miscommunication between our uni and this company, and they were actually looking for someone who can commit for 6 months and not. just. summer. So that, my friend, was how I didn't manage to secure an internship yet after March.

But 2017 March was still special. I'm always happy about how my birthday falls on the recess week, which means I can enjoy it fully and have fun with friends. But last year, my parents came to Singapore!! I basically became their tour guide and we went to Orchard, Chinatown, and the other touristy places. On my birthday, we went to MBS and I got into the casino for the first time (won around $100 on the jackpot machine btw).

I think I stopped applying for internship during April. It was already quite near to the final exam and project deadlines were haunting as well. The pressure was real at that time. Whenever I had free time, I was so torn between working on the projects or applying for more jobs. But in the end I decided to just concentrate on the projects first as my exam would end quite fast and I still had some time before summer started. As I recall now, I really didn't put enough effort on the school stuff during that semester. When things were not yet urgent, I spent my time trying out things such as sketching, film photography, and read many books. I don't think it is bad... it's even good, actually. But tbh I needed a better time management.

Then late April after I finished all my exams, I went back looking for internship. Fortunately in the end I managed to get one and started working mid-May. Oh. I almost forgot to mention that I went to Singapore Open (which is already a fixed yearly event for me by now) with some friends. Had a great time as expected. I approached only one player for photo, which is Sapsiree Taerattanachai from Thailand. She is my new idol btw and I think her style of play is similar to Liliyana Natsir. It's unfortunate that she was injured not long after this tournament but right now she is making a comeback.

Almost all of my time from May to August was spent working, obviously. Some family members came to visit and I went back to Indo once as well, so at least I could get a bit of the holiday feel haha. Coming back to school in mid-August, I realised that I have gained some weight omg. Surely I know what to blame. On a typical school day, I don't have breakfast and eat my first meal at around 12 am. I also have light dinner which usually consists of snacks + drink (milo, milk tea, lemon tea, etc). But when I was on internship, I woke up early, felt really hungry in the morning and absolutely had to eat something. When work ended at around 6.30, I often felt tired and therefore had a full dinner lol.

But because of that, at least I got the motivation and actually went to the gym several times last semester (after having spent months talking about it). Last semester was really really chill because I only have to take 2 modules and at the same time started to do my final year project. I really enjoyed my time and felt so 'complete'. I had a lot of free time, especially in the beginning of the semester (and not so much by the end, as always) and I spent my time cooking with friends, watching many movies, reading books, and gathering with friends almost every Friday night. For me, last semester was the ideal time to explore my interest and figure out what I want to do after graduation. And the result of my pondering? I feel that marketing and communications is a fun field that will suit me. So I gave it a shot and right now I'm doing internship at a communications agency. There is still one month to go so let's hope for the best!!

Also, it is worth noting that this year is my first time ever celebrating new year's eve not with my family. In the past years we are usually on vacation together, but this time I couldn't join them. It's not that bad because the agency I work at have quite a long holiday for this festive period. I managed to go back to Medan for a week to meet my whole family and different members went abroad at different times. I also met some long-lost friends haha.

As a whole 2017 has been great, and I'm just so thankful that everything works out well in the end. And I know 2018 will be very important. Final year project, first job, graduation. Huge things are happening and I certainly need to be at my best condition. I've been neglecting FYP since holiday and totally need to get back on track once the school starts. I already made new year resolutions which makes me feel quite happy and optimistic for the new year. I am also trying to keep track of stuffs and bought a really nice Rhodia journal for that (kind of treating myself here).

So... let's hope for the best yo. Cheers for 2018!!

Christmas 2017, Flower Dome at Gardens by The Bay

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