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Sunday, 15 August 2010

The First

Hello.It's been so long since my last update..It's because I'm quite busy these months. I went for a holiday in middle of June, then prepared everything for my school. And I got sick recently.

Now, I'm studying for my exam at school. I have a lot of pressure,as my rank dropped last semester. My mother wants me to bounce my rank ,I think that it is difficult, cause for me, rank is not very important. There are a lot of things that I should think of rather than worry about my rank .
But afterall, people usually judge one's ability from their performance at school. That's why I should study. Besides, I'm also thinking about being a doctor when I've grown up,which required a good CV.

-Youth Olympic started yesterday, good luck to mr.Loh Wei Sheng from Malaysia..!
-Bitburger Open will start soon, good luck to mr.Viktor Axelsen from Danmark..!
-World Championship will start soon,good luck to all of the China Team (especially Lin Dan)..!

:) See you after my exam ends. :)


adriana said...

nice blog:)

Cindy Suryautama said...

ur blog is great! :)