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Monday, 20 December 2010

Nearly Abandoned Blog

Huftttt....I'd just come back from my school ( I am having an exam, again, actually) , and realized that I didn't open this Blog for months.

These months have been busy and every time I was free, I would rather choose to take a nap than to open this Blog , that's why this blog is just so abandoned. :p

But in a short while, I will have holiday, which means that this Blog will be more updated than ever. I already have tons of ideas in my mind of what I am gonna write on this Blog. So, just wait for it, guys :)

Anyway, I would be PROUD and HAPPY to announce that my Idol in badminton, Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang have married by 13th of December. I am very very excited when I heard the news. ( the pics when they registered their marriage is up there)

I have abandoned my family, live, and girlfriend for badminton - Lin Dan

Wish them to be a happy family and have a child soon. :)

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