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Friday, 18 February 2011

Models I LOVE: Liu Wen

Hoooooiiiit! How are you all? At last I decided to write a 'long post' again :-)

I have english examination today and it was quite hard, I was so confused while doing it and it makes me feel stupid. But after I went out of the exam room, I found that many people think so too, feel a lot better because of it.

And now, let's forget the exam and talk about this time's Models I LOVE. I picked Liu Wen in a quite short time. Why? Because she catches my attention this week as she walked in the New York Fashion Week which Freja didn't participated in.

LIU WEN's data and facts

Nationality: Chinese
Birth Date : January 27, 1988
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Measurements: 80-59.5-87.5
Status : Established, Good girl (so who is the 'bad girl' huh?)
Known for : Cheekbones, Smile
Agencies : Marilyn

As a Chinese, I am somehow proud that an East Asian model could get into the international fashion industry. Okay, I know they are not so rare these days, but Liu Wen is SPECIAL, at least in my opinion.

She started her career in 2005 when she entered the New Silk Road World Model Contest, a contest previously won by another international covergirl from China. Du Juan, hoping to win a computer which was the main prize.

Although she didn't win it, her career took off. She caught the eye of international fashion industry on September 2007 when she was featured in a Cosmo editorial. And in 2009, she became the first East Asian model who walked for Victoria's Secret Fashion show, she also participated in the 2010 show.
In April 2010, it was announced that Wen and Jablonski would join the roster of faces of the cosmetics company Estée Lauder.
Additional info: Beside pursues modelling, she is studying about tourism too right now.
She is currently ranked 10th on the Top 50 Models Women List by

*Her Blog (in mandarin):

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