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Saturday, 17 September 2011

What A Week

   Hello. So this whole week has been very interesting for me! Ruben's birthday was on last Wednesday and it was a lot of fun. The cake was very delicious, I say, we ordered it from our friend's mom. Another birthday of the week was Leslie's, too bad he had died 8 years ago, so, no celebration. It was coincided with the Mid Autumn Festival which I was very looking forward to as I am recently very interested to rabbit. Elder said that you could see rabbit siluet on the moon on the Mid Autumn Festival. But no luck for me, my father didn't let me go to the third floor to see the moon, he said that the floor must be slippery. I understand that the rain just stopped for few minutes at that time, but I'm still pissed of, anyway.

Okay, who give a damn about that. Here the most important part comes..... 13 AND 14 SEPTEMBER 2011 WERE AWESOMEEE!!! I WAS SO  HAPPY :D
I can't even find a way to describe my happiness, the feeling is likeee..... very pleasing. What happened on those days actually makes me keep smiling like an idiot for the whole day. I intended to sing all happy songs that I know but it turned out that I only know very few :p
And I also had promised  myself not to tell anybody about what happened, as I don't think it will be important for the others to know. But then, I realised that to keep your happiness for your own is even harder to keep a secret. So at last I told it to somebody, hehe.

So that's all for now. My wish of the week is not to meet somebody who is ' fierce' like whom I met yesterday and owe me a night of sweet dream. But everything is settled now, case closed!

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