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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Leaves and Cage

 Greetings!! This is another good week for me and I can happily say that I'm excited with my new class. I'd never thought that 'kelas plus' students could be this outgoing. Honestly, I have gone through a phase of worrying and kinda scared that my classmates would be those who are ultra hardworking, cold-blooded and text book worshipper. But it turns out that they aren't so, they're VERY outgoing, well spirited and maybe genius at making jokes too. So the conclusion is, I like this class :D

And oh, I almost fainted for the second time of my life last thursday. Actually I really wonder why it could happen because I was not tired, dizzy, sick, or whatever. I was perfectly healthy at that moment.... and sick for the next two days.

That's all for now. Here are some photos I took last week, they're not as good as what I expected..... :/

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