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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


  Hey, seems like I had abandoned this blog for a long time. And as usual, I have one same reason, school life. I'd just finished exam yesterday. It sucks, totally sucks. I must say that high school life is so DIFFERENT with junior high school. In JHS, you can get really relaxed and still get a satisfying mark, in SHS? I work harder (not hard) but I believe my exam result must be worse than any other score I've ever got. I'm kinda worried of the prospect of getting the last rank in class.

Okay now let's not talk about exam. Like three days ago, I watched The Smurfs, people said it's good and I actually have adored that blue creature before I watched the movie. I even have a Clumsy Smurf figure that I got from McD Happy Meal package <3
Overall I think that the movie is very nice, it's hilarious, exciting and meaningful, make me adore Smurfs more, especially Papa Smurf and Clumsy  :D

Now that exam is over, I'm gonna relax myself for a while, I am thinking of making a form art, but what? I don't know if I should draw, shoot, write, or else. If I fail to decide, I think I may try all of them as well.
I will also spend my nights watching DVDs, lot of them waiting for me!

My favourite teacher changed her hair style, i wonder why.
RIP Marco Simoncelli
I'm sad for Raffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara

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