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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Living In The Cartoon World

    Greetings! I'm having holiday right now and it feels so nice. High school life is hard, damn hard. Assignments were given almost everyday, it's depressing that I should sit down every night doing those kind of stuffs which I didn't use to do. Moreover, doing the assignments left me little time to study and as a result, I was so not ready for the monthly exam.
Luckily, and also surprisingly, I don't think I messed up in the exam. Of course, it was always a hard struggle to overcome my laziness and my carefree manner.. and if not for motivation from my dear friend, I would have given up :)

I kind of hate myself for being not productive at all this holiday, but I can always take high school life as an  excuse, haha. But guess what...... I learnt to drive two days ago!! I had longed for it for two years and faced my family's disapproval every time I brought up the topic. I will be 17 next year and I thought that now is the right time to learn how to drive, so I asked my family again one week ago. I suppose I don't need to narrate what I did and said, the point is I managed to get my parents' permission :D

Okay, let's move on to my main purpose of writing this post. I find myself drown in the magic of the enchanting cartoon world. Generally I don't watch many movies, but during this holiday I watched many cartoon movies on TV. I wonder if my life could be like that of a cartoon movie.. It is fun, colorful, unpredictable and yet, we don't have to worry. The journey may be rough, there may be some separation, but still, we can sit back and  be assured that everything will be fine in the end. It is always a happy ending.
Oh how I wish.

Anyway here are photos from me and my friend's celebration of Friendship Day :D Actually the date was picked randomly and we just wanted to celebrate something before the exam started

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