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Monday, 23 July 2012

Even Just For A While

I went on a vacation to Thailand last month and I certainly didn't want to miss the cabaret show at Pattaya. Thus, after a long wait, I watched it on the fourth day of my vacation. It was a whole new experience for me since I had never saw any real life drag queen before.

The show began with loud, gay music and soon the atmosphere became overwhelmingly merry as the drag queens came out one by one, started to dance and lip-sync. I enjoyed the show very much, it evoked a strange feeling in me. I kept wondering how many surgery the drag queens had undergone, what lead them to choose this path of career and how they feel about their body. I mean, most of them are so feminine! Their face, although might be covered by heavy make up, looked so much like that of a woman, their gestures and their muscles are too. One of the performers that night, whom I learned afterwards is the 2012 drag queen champion, is exceptionally beautiful. Her face resembles Korean actress and her legs..... they are fantastic! I swear she is at least seven times more beautiful than me.

Meanwhile, this one drag queen is different, she grew short hair, had a tanned complexion and she looked like a latino. She caught my attention. Maybe because she was not like the others, or maybe because she sang "All The Lovers", one of my favorite songs originally performed by Kylie Minogue. She made me think about how long she had prepared herself, rehearsed again and again to maintain her performance in high level.

Eventually, I came to a conclusion that she did it all for the audiences, to see smile on their faces and keep them entertained. I admitted that it is a pretty subjective statement, but I really think so.. or at least I want to believe so. When I looked at her, I saw a woman. There was no traces of a man at all. She had successfully bewildered me and yes, she got me, even just for a while.

Here are pictures of her, taken in the middle of the show

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