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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

So Called Artwork :p

So it was last Sunday when I felt kinda bored and started to browse about paper craft on the internet. To my disappointment, most of those crafts require us to print something... which I can't because my printer's ink is only black and white. I was somehow frustrated as those figures are.. adorable.

Then, I went to the 'paper mosaic' section where I found something really nice and doesn't need printing (it actually does, but I think I can use origami instead). Bad news is, the paper mosaic is very complicated and I was quite ascertained that my pair of hands won't be skillful enough to make it. So, instead of making 'high-class' mosaic like the one in the website, I made piano keys. Shame on me, hahah. Imagine this, I only cut some rectangular shaped origami then stuck them to a blank paper.. It's supposed to be an easy job but still, I couldn't cut it neatly. I wonder why I am so not gifted in this kind of stuffs :s

And then I realized something....... what I made is not even a mosaic!

No problem, I would still categorized this post to 'my artworks' section, HAHA! :D

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