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Monday, 8 June 2015

Holiday Update

Hi again! Just fyi, I'm now in the middle of my 2 months holiday and this post is gonna be a recap of what has happened so far.

Basically I'd divide my holiday into three parts. The first one is when i was still staying in Singapore after exam, the second part is when I already come back to Indonesia which is right now, and the third part would be later when I get back to Singapore again.

As usual, I thought of what I want to during holiday while it was the exam period. I want new camera, do some design, read a lot of book, watch a lot of movie, exercise routinely, get new specs, etc etc. I feel that it went kinda okay in the first part of my holiday. One of the movies that made a great impression on me is Clouds Of Sils Maria, which is starred by Kristen Stewart. Watching it makes me wonder how many good movies Kristen would be acting in if only she wasn't involved in all those twilight movies. Another nice story about the movies I watched is that some of them are in french, and I took french language module last semester. So sometimes I could understand what the characters said, even only in fragments, which is nice :D

Also at that time, I read a lot of books. The routine prevails so yeah I'm happy about it. One big difference between the first and second part of my holiday is that, I have to admit, it is much more boring here. I love being surrounded by my family, it's like one of the thing I enjoy the most in this world. But really, I am more or less frustrated by the internet connection here.. it's so so lame. Also, maybe because of the comfort of home, I'm really slacking my ass off. Sleep at 2, wake up at 11. One time I stopped and thought, what am I doing with my life. But then it wasn't even June yet so I'm not quite bothered.

And then, my family and I went on a short trip to Penang and we only came back two days ago. So here I am, having wasted the past two days watching Indonesia Open in front of the tv, kinda worried about the lifestyle I've adopted recently.
Now here is what I planned to do starting tomorrow. Writing it here so to increase the chance of me sticking to it..
- watch what i eat. diet is difficult during holiday but at least i'll try
- exercise daily (treadmill or badminton). seriously this is an urgent need, have not been moving much lately i'm turning into pig
- get new spectacles
- wake up before 10
- decide on what modules to take next semester. ugh i always feel like i want to learn everything, but gotta know my own limit man
- read comic books, yep i think i have read too many 'real' books and start to miss those comics
- watch Still Alice (because kristen stewart) and Wreck It Ralph (can you believe i already postponed this for like.. a year)
- do something. ok i really want to be productive, to not let my holiday pass just like that. so far i've tried to draw a bit but the mood is not really there i guess. i'm now kinda inspired to write a story, a short one. also some designs might be good as well. the problem with this one is that sometimes i am not quite in the mood while in the other times, i am overwhelmed with feelings and inspirations, so.. wish me luck with this!!

Yep! Now I am all ready to get my life back on track, really hope that I can do those stuffs in the list :D on the other note, I made a 5 minute video during the first part of my holiday. It is based on a peculiar yet memorable dream that I had like a month ago. Here is the Facebook link, do take a look! >> Dream Video 1 ... and don't forget to watch it in HD, thanks a lot :D

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