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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Second Year!

Ok my holiday is gonna end soon, so i'm dedicating another post to it. So far it has been very good, especially in the recent weeks. Remember the list i made the other day? Yep i do get new specs, watched wreck it ralph, read a lot of comics, and i'm planning to finish my diy shoes before i go back to singapore. Getting up early and exercising daily? Screwed them haha.
Anyway, tomorrow is the course registration day. I have (kinda) decided what modules to take and guess what.. if things go as planned, i'll be having 6 exams by the end of the semester. SO, i guess it's time to slack off no more. I realize that i've been very good in wasting time. 9gag to youtube to and so on. In my second year, i will be more dedicated to my study, i promise. Gonna keep the spirit high, stay focused, work hard, play nearly as hard, eat good food, and let's hope things turn out alright in the end :D Wish me luck!! :D

p.s. i read the little prince recently, it's very good i think, short but meaningful, kinda revealing. highly recommended

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