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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

First Days Of Coming Back

hi! i am already back in sg. so far, i've been doing good. i need to adapt a bit on the first days, but the day after i found myself doing some paid job for the first time yeyy. i took a part time job distributing flyer, the whole experience is quite nice and i may write a post about it later.
anyway, today i went to seoul garden buffet with some friends and all of us were full as hell afterwards. seriously, even walking normally is hard to do lol. but thanks to it, i decided to go to gym afterwards. that was also my first time!
and in these hours, i am kinda browsing pinterest and youtube. and then i suddenly got an urge to actually do something. so yeah, i took my camera and capture the stuffs on my table, work on photoshop, and here it is!
i try to make it editorial looking and i actually feel that the results are okay :D feedback please! haha


Anonymous said...

The pictures are nice, and yeap it looks editorial. So, good job! Just a suggestion, you might want to alter the placement of things a bit so that it looks less spacious. ^^ There's a bit of awkward space here and there, you might want to fill it with something! :D

Cindy Suryautama S said...

Hi there! Thanks for the suggestion :D i think i might do some more stuffs like this, so hope i can do better for the next ones