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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

It's That Time Of The Year!

Hey hey it's been a long time, no? Right now i'm sitting peacefully, enjoying my 'winter' holiday here in indonesia. I've been here for like 2 weeks and i'll be having my vacation in china soon, thus the early post. But before i recap what has happened throughout the year (best as i could), let me tell you about my holiday. Something i learned: never start a holiday without any to-do list. Really.
I began my holiday (in indo) slacking off, thinking that i'd been very tired during the exam period and that i deserved all this. The result? I can say that i complete absolutely nothing this holiday. Well of course there're always good things.. catching up with friends and families, all the food you'd been longing for, and staying up till midnight watching random tv shows. I've also watched countless movies, which are actually inspiring. But other than those happy stuffs, i've lost no weight, tun no treadmill, produced nothing else than cca works *sigh*
But never mind tho! As i mentioned, i'm going to china, and i imagine the food there are all meaty (which is not my favorite type of food) so maybe i'd be thinner by the end of the trip HAHA.
Ok now let's do the recap.

January - I went to japan for holiday last year, so i spent new year there. i had like super short bangs at that time and i was kinda stressed because of it. around this time, i was also involved in some indo students organization stuffs like GTD (as the publicity and publication team) and ICN (makeup and wardrobe team)

February - spent valentine with friends (ya know what that mean haha) oh and also cny was in this month if i'm not wrong? thing is, i couldn't manage to find a decent and suitable clothes so i ended up wearing a LONG SLEEVED dress for the first day. it was nightmare, won't ever fall into the same hole anymore

March - my first birthday in ntu! my friends surprised me at the midnight, and i spent half of my birthday going for an outing with the GTD team before having ippudo for dinner (cos mom told me to have noodles)

April - the highlight of this month is definitely the singapore open! (click on the link to read about it) man i can't wait to go there again next year

May June July - yay holiday! i had short vacation in penang which was nice, the food is great, the hotels are cool, and we got to go to beach. because the holiday is suuuuupper long, i decided to come back from indo to sg faster than i usually do.. and i actually got my first paid job here in singapore (in my whole life actually lol): i distributed flyer at suntec city mall. well, flyer they said, but it was more like multiple pages super large travel brochure haha. no problem tho, stood for like 10 hours and my feet were super sore but the pay is good! (especially if converted to rupiah lol). also in this long holiday, i tried to draw on plain shoes that i bought from h&m. the results are quite ok i guess! i managed to lose some weight as well, marking this holiday as the most productive holiday i've ever had. AND OH I WATCHED ARSENAL LIVE!!!! Omg this holiday is so nice, so unforgettable, i'm a happy girl :D i feel grateful typing this haha

August - it's the beginning of my second year as uni student, which also means the freshies were coming and it's time for GTD! i think i've never really talked about it, no? so i feel the whole thing is quite fun, and my time as senior felt more fun than when i was a freshie haha. the orientation group i was assigned to is so very ok, i enjoyed the people's company, get to know them, and all. but tell ya, joinng this kind of thing also means you're committing to all the meetings, photo shoots, works, etc etc. Worth it? Totally. Tiring? Yep (which is the reason why i'm not joining again, apart from feeling too old already)

September - school went as usual, my friends and I sometimes cooked together, and ICN was around this time i think(?) or maybe october if it wasn't. actually right after the D-day, i had 3 quizzes coming the next week and i thought i'm kinda screwed lol. but maybe because of the pressure, i managed to score well instead haha. after that however, i started to loose up a little bit. maybe too much

October - can't remember anything haha

November - the exam was getting closer and tell ya, this sem i took more modules than i've ever taken. also as the date was approaching, i found out that i had 5 exams in 5 days LOL. needless to say, i had my most miserable exam period this sem. the result of my procrastination came back to haunt me and i had to cram real hard for the exam. i slept only 2 or 3 hours before each exam day. it was crazy, i was tired, and i got sick just the day before the last exam. the back of my head hurt so much i thought i'm gonna have brain tumor and i actually considered the risk very seriously that i decided to just sleep and ignored all the materials i hadn't touched. once again, it was crazy. the next day, i took the exam in that bad of a condition, and all i can do afterwards is just pray to god haha (it's my core subject so it'll definitely be graded). and also days after my exam ended, my head still hurts. it terrifies my ya know i couldn't even really enjoy myself. fortunately soon after it went away, thanks god

December - after spending like 1 week in singapore, i came back here. i had friends on the same flight that day but i was on my own through my journey from ntu to changi. i cherish moment like this. that joy of commuting on your own, strolling through the crowded terminal of changi airport with all the stores and nice places to ead, they're so rare. don't get me wrong tho, i've always enjoyed company and happy to have them. but sometimes, i gotta spend time all by myself. coming back to indo. i met up with many friends i'm so happy haha. it's so DIFFICULT finding time to meet as most of them have different schedules but i'm glad we do!

Well so that's the end of my recap :D what i can say is, the number one priority for next year would be maintaining a healthy lifestyle. no more eating whatever whenever, no more sleeping at 3 am and waking up at 7.30 for morning classes, regular exercise would be good, drink a lot of water, consume some fruits. also i need to spend less time on random stuffs, and actually study when there's a book in front me haha. I'll list down a new year resolution when new year comes. That's it for now!

the photo i took when the shoes were half finished

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