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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hoit, today is Chinese New Year's Eve and as a chinese, I am celebrating it! :-)
Tonight, me and my family are doing a family gathering and have dinner together, usually we eat shabu-shabu (not that drug) and it happens to be the same this year.
Here are the pictures of it:
it is a combination of this....


and many more..., as supper, we have this

the whole things are very DELICIOUS! And I love that my family still celebrate it at our home sweet home because actually there are many of my friends who celebrate it outside. In my opinion, CNYE's dinner is supposed to be happy, warm, and celebrated at home to get the 'feel'.
But maybe celebrating it outside also has its own benefits, I don't know because I have never done it..
Anyway, what I am gonna do tonight is wait till 12 a.m, wake up the next morning, and be ready for the angpaus (red pockets)..! hehehe :-D
Kung Hei Fat Choi..!

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