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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

    Okay, so teacher's day was actually yesterday but I guess there's no problem writing about it now :)
Just like last year, my school organized a Teacher's Day celebration, the day before, I was kinda anxious as I was planning to give my favourite teacher chocolate. I tried to sleep early but it turned out that I couldn't, I kept on thinking what I should do and say tomorrow to my favourite teacher.
And the long awaiten day finally came, too bad the first and second lesson of the day were physics and drawing. I have no interest in both subjects' teacher and would be much happier if it was chemistry lesson, haha. Suddenly, oh yeah the bell finally rang!! We rushed to the school field to see the show, one of my friend was taking part in the fashion show so we stood readily and wait for her...
Meanwhile, I was looking for Rosita too, which in such a big crowd was quite hard to do. I stood behind the teachers' seat and trying to recognise her by hair :p which I could say was a major fail.

Standing for approximately 2 hours, I was kinda exhausted and somehow desperate too but JRENG JRENG JRENG....... suddenly I saw 2 teachers, Rosita and ms Elizabeth stood from their seat and headed up to somewhere. I was so shocked and felt like a moron when I found out that during those 2 hours, I actually stood right behind Rosita's row of seats.
I handed camera to one of my friends and we both wait for Rosita to come back. Right when she came back, I said "Selamat Hari Guru" to her and give her the chocolate, she was like "thank you" and I asked her to take a picture with me. As a very kind hearted person, she approved!!! *click click* And I said thanks :))
Alas, the camera setting was not okay and the photo turned out to be VERY DARK that you won't be able to recognise any faces. I ran back to Rosita and said "se, sori ya tadi bo kau keng, e sai hip kue bo?" and once again, she approved!!! She also said "khia mana baru i e cahaya keng?"....... well, it's not the light, it's the camera exposure, actually. Thanks God the second pic was okay in every aspect but my face :p

After that very nice occurence, we continue to wait for the fashion show. Our friend walked with a very great style and made the long waiting not be in vain :)
Before, there was also parody of Girl's Generation MV which I never heard the song or watch the video. All the performers were boys and they called themselves Boy's Generation, they imitated all the coreo of the MV's and their performance was very exciting and amusing,
Conclusion is, 25th of November has been so good to me and I was so happy! :D

Lastly, let me say happy teacher's day to all the great teachers who ever taught or is teaching me, I may not express my gratitude well but..... I actually feel vey lucky to have you all. Grrrrhhhhh what a failed romantic

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