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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Freedom, Baby!

  Hey all...... I am so very happy to tell you that semester exam is finally O V E R :D
It was biology exam this morning and just fyi, I studied like crazy yesterday. Imagine, the exam material is 5 chapters of our biology textbook and till the very last moment, I hadn't studied it. I had already begun to feel stressed since I walked out of my exam room yesterday.
So at home, I kept on staring the materials from afternoon to night. I have never been so worried before, in junior high school, the exam material was never this much........

Okay, now let's don't talk about exam anymore! I had been smiling like a moron through the exam this morning, imagined all the things I'm gonna do afterwards, haha.
But actually there isn't many things to plan, as I'm gonna go abroad for holiday. I prefer staying at home and be a couch potato, actually.

My to do list this holiday:
1. First and the most important: LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!
2. Finish all the novels I bought
3. Watch some good movies (cartoon preferably)
4. Try to take some good photos

That's all for now! Goodnight and have a good rest :)

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