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Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Early New Year!

25 December 2011

Dear people, I know this is too early but I would like to wish you a happy new year. I'm going abroad tomorrow and I'm afraid there is no internet connection there.... Writing a new year post is something I always long for, so I'm making it early, right after busy packing my clothes in this very last hour. It was crazy. I'd just realised that the trip is for ten days and I only have 3 shirts that I feel comfortable wearing :p I hate that I have to search through my oh so messy cupboard :p

Now after making sure that I have everything I need in my backpack and suitcase, I can relax. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day :)
Well, now I will reflect on what I have done this whole year, just like what I did last year...

And uh oh, I can't remember anything happenned on January..... and February as well :(
Let's just start with March, it is my birthday month and as I recalled, my friends celebrate it for me by buying cupcakes with my name on them *so sweeeeeettt* :p They bought me some novels too and I got my very first Vogue magazine from Ruben. He also brought brownies which he claimed was his selfmade and which I did not really believe -___-
And later that day, Rosita got in our class as substitute for our math teacher. My friends were trying to get her say happy birthday to me or whatsoever.... I don't really understand, but what I obviously know is that Rosita didn't say anything but ehmmmm I don't know how to explain it, she tried to... but I'm not really looking forward to it. I was nervous, as usual.

APRIL!!! I'm so happy to talk about this wonderful month! On the 15th of April, it was our second last day school as a junior high school student, our friends took camera and we took pictures with teachers.... It was a lot of fun as it coincided with my friend, Michelle's birthday. So on that day, we tried to 'pursue our dreams'. I planned to take a picture with my one and only favourite teacher, I really wanted to.
So with all the courage I have with me, my friends and I waited outside the teacher's room. It was 12.50 pm that she came out of the room. After like a two minutes conversation, I tried to persuade her to take a pic with me. And the best part of the story was that she AGREED to :)) And I smiled all day long :))

May, if I'm not wrong, was the month when we had our national exam. I should admit that I didn't put much effort and yet still graduated with kinda satisfying scores, lol.

And then we had a very long holiday from May to July. I took drawing and computer lesson, everyday was a beautiful day back then. I started every morning having breakfast outside, then went to traditional market and rent some books. In the evening, I would take a nap, sleep like a pig and only woke up for dinner.

Not long after, it's already our first day school as a senior high school student. The first month was very hard to go through, I felt extremely tired every night.... It is so different with junior high school :(
Fortunately, I still did well enough and in August, I was moved to X-3.
I miss my former class, there was always a group of boys who enlived the atmosphere by making jokes during lesson, played 'rugby' in recess time, etc. But fortunately, my new class is not bad either. I enjoyed meeting new people and observe them. Most of my classmates are kind hearted person and I feel comfortable around them.

And here we go to SEPTEMBER!!! I can say this is the most wonderful month in this year. I'm not going to tell you why, but I'm super duper triple happy on the 13th and 14th of September :D

Hmm I can't  remember anything special on October. I only know that I've started planning for what I'm gonna do on teacher's day. First, I bought a bar of Lindt dark chocolate, I kept it for like 2 weeks in my drawer. I don't know why, suddenly I felt very anxious about the chocolate, like, will it be too bitter? Or how if it is already expired and etc...
So, at last, I opened the chocolate and ate it by myself :p
Next, I bought a pack of Ferrero Rocher. The packaging is so interesting and I think it will be very suitable for teacher's day. Again, I put it in my drawer. Weeks later, I took a look on it and found out that the package was.... ehm 'penyot' a little bit at the corner. That's the reason why I ate it by myself, again.

In the 20 something of November, I'd just realised that now I don't have anything to give Rosita. I got panic attack. Fortunately there was a friend of mine who was at supermarket and I asked her to but two bars of Hershey's. Problem solved.
Teacher's Day finally came, and you can read about it here :)

Okay, December. Semester exam really pressured me a lot and I felt very happy finishing it ( full story here)
As you see, I made a to do list. So far I've read 2 out of 4 novels I bought, I also watched some good movies. Quite satisfying....... But the bad news is that I don't lose any weight, not even an ounce -___- but I should admit that I didn't put on any effort either, haha. And about taking pic, I will try to do it during my trip :)

Conclusion is, this whole year has been very good according to me. I regret nothing and I'm grateful for most of the thing. Next year, I will try to be a better person wholly, learn to control myself better and the most important, I'm gonna fight for something I believe is right. Take a look ---> :)
#noh8 #LoveIsLouder #SupportEquality

Lastly, let me wish you a Happy New Year!! May everything gets better and better.

“You don’t have to be gay to be a supporter, you just have to be human.” -Daniel Radcliffe

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haha.. mank bsk u mau kemana cin? safe flight deh.. hehe..