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Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year Post

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! Three or four years ago i used to do a recap of the happenings throughout the year. Now, let's do it again!

January and February:
Well i do not remember much about these two months. Only i know that we spent our christmas and new year holiday in Turkey.. and that it was the moment when my physical fitness is at its best. Also on the previous November, i decided to apply to ntu and nus. It was after much consideration, and last minute decision. So, i practically spent the months after studying very hard for the entrance exam. Rough period. Thanks to my kindhearted high school exam hall pals, i was able to get through high school comfortably, though my scores were not excellent.

Nah this one is my birthday month. My friends got me a lot of Howey's cakes which i love, but seriously, they gave me A LOT of it that i actually didn't think of eating those again for the next six months. If i'm not wrong, the ntu and nus exam results were out by this time and i am accepted to both uni.. so YAY!

Well we had our national exam and every morning of it was very hectic. Also around this time, i went to the ntu scholarship interview and the result is very positive :D i swear i am forever thankful of this. getting scholarship really means a lot. financial burden becomes much lighter and it actually motivates me a lot. i can say that i am now more diligent and responsible than i had ever been. every time i get lazy, i think to myself 'this is an opportunity not everyone gets, and i am literally paid to study'

May and June:
Holidays. 2 months of doing nothing significant, but it was a lot of fun! We had our farewell party, class photoshoot, and outing with many many groups of friends. We were going to be separated in a few weeks so that might be the last time we can hang out together so free and easily.

On the 29th of July, i moved to singapore. More of it can be read here

August, September, and October:
These periods were the beginning of my life in another country. It has been a lot of fun as a whole. Very exciting. I have always enjoyed independence and moreover, i am studying a subject that i love: psychology. New friends, new experiences, new environment, all of them may be challenging but beneficial for growth. Again, more can be read in my previous posts.

November and December:
Exam time!! This was my first experience of final exam in ntu. Man i thought i was so fucked up one week before the exam. The materials were so overwhelming and i couldn't believe i survived. Prayer is my no 1 resort LOL. Anyway, the result came out on 29 december when i was having my holiday. And guess what, it is so much better than what i expected :D
Oh and i spent my holiday in japan this time. The greatest holiday ever! The people in the tour are all very nice and likeable, some are interesting as well. Also the place of attractions, i really can't complain.
Okay so this is it, next post will be evaluation and new year's resolution!

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